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2013 3D and 2D Modeling and Animation Reel

Watrach Multimedia is the home to Chicago Multimedia Designer, Wayne Watrach. Wayne started his career as a freelance illustrator, then tackled film and animation throughout college, expanded to graphic design with Festa Stuff Incorporated after graduation and currently is a contract Multimedia Designer for IBM.

Wayne has provided videographer, editing and motion graphics services to Spot Events, LLC event Back Lot Bash 2013, as well as video production and projection assistance for the one man stage show Yuri Lane's MeTube. Wayne has also provided rotoscope animation composite work for Westhavenbrook Productions' Go Sukashi! and has done broadcast commercial work for Benchwarmers Inc. owned venue O'Malley's Liquor Kitchen. As the co-founder and creative director of We Did It Games, Wayne creates art and animation for PC software titles and is working on their third release.

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IBM Watson Analytics
IBM Cognos
Atlas Brewing Company
Spot Events, LLC
Westhavenbrook Productions
Benchwarmers Inc.
Yuri Lane's MeTube
Columbia College Chicago

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Back Lot Bash 2013

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